Winter can be extremely harsh on our skin, from central heating indoors to cold weather and rich comfort foods, our skin can become dull, dry and grey looking. What can we do to re-charge our skin and undo some of the harm and get it ready for the impending Spring/Summer.

Sweet almond oil is full of vitamin E, vitamin A, monosaturated fatty acids, protein, potassium, and zinc. Vitamin E is an extremely powerful antioxidant which aids collagen production keeping your skin looking supple and wrinkle-free. protects your skin from UV radiation damage, and helps your skin look smooth, soft, and free of fine lines. The fatty acids help your skin retain moisture and can heal chapped and irritated skin.

Because it’s packed with these vitamins and nutrients, sweet almond oil is a natural skincare superpower

Vitamin A can help reduce acne by helping to normalise oil production, leaving skin less oily and more balanced. Vitamin A also stimulates fibroblasts—the cells responsible for developing tissue that keeps skin firm and healthy—in the deep layers of your skin. Because vitamin A and carotenoids play such a big role in cell and tissue growth, not getting enough can lead to weakened skin, causing problems ranging from dryness to wounds that heal more slowly. Because Sweet Almond Oil is packed with these vitamins and nutrients, it is a natural skincare superpower.

As a very mild, hypoallergenic oil, almond oil is safe for almost all skin types - sensitive, dry, oily. Certain properties in almond oil deeply clean the pores without clogging them.

And the benefits of this oil don't stop here, it is fantastic for your hair and scalp too. By deeply moisturizing your scalp and hair with sweet almond oil, you can potentially soothe flaking and itching. 

Voya My Little Hero Serum

Some great products to try: Voya Totally Balmy Facial Cleanser. . Made with unique algae extracts sourced from the Atlantic coast of Ireland, nourishing Ylang Ylang, Bergamot, Sweet Almond Rose oils and Beeswax, this balm is designed to promote a thorough and delicate cleansing action, leaving the complexion feeling refreshed and rejuvenated.

Voya Me Time Moisturizer contains a range of pro-collagen organic ingredients and seaweed extracts, VOYA Me Time - Soothing Moisturiser helps to reduce the signs of aging by protecting, conditioning and firming your skin.

Voya Me Time Moisturizer

Sweet Almond Oil can even out your skin tone and improve the complexion over time, revealing a new and improved version of your skin. Try incorporating almond oil into your skincare routine if you're looking for a more homeopathic way to improve your skin's overall appearance.

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Organic Hair Colour

Many women today, and even an increasing number of men are colouring their hair, but is it safe to be colouring hair post cancer?

How am I Exposed to Chemicals during Hair Colouring?

Non-organic hair colours or hair colours containing ammonia are some of the worst hair colours and will expose you to chemicals in several different ways. Some chemicals in hair colours can be absorbed in small amounts through the skin and some can be inhaled from the fumes in the air.

If you are looking for 100% organic hair colour, you may look forever. 100% organic hair colour simply doesn’t exists. Natural Hair Colours on the contrary contains organic ingredients, which is why we call our colours Organic based or Natural. Our Natural Hair Colours are furthermore ammonia free with a minimum amount of ppd. At NATULIQUE you can choose a more natural & organic hair colour experience in your salon. NATULIQUE, have recognised the importance of exclusive, non-diverted, high quality, socially conscious, and environmentally responsible products.

NATULIQUE Natural Hair Colour Benefits

Less chemicals

Certified Organic Ingredients

Safe and sustainable

Healthier hair results

PPD free colors

Ammonia free colors

Healthier salon atmosphere

Cruelty free

Better salon experience

Sustainable packaging & manufacturing methods

Reduced risk of allergies

Better and safer salon environment for hairdressers

NATULIQUE Organic based Hair Colour can give you 100% coverage – and will color any stubborn outgrowth. Often at NATULIQUE we meet scepticism and people not believing that organic, PPD free and ammonia free hair colors will give the same results as other hair colours. But here’s the thing: it does!

See for yourself! And you are even left with a healthier hair and scalp!

Natulique Hair Colour

The NATULIQUE organic based hair colour line has 72 natural colours that are 100% ammonia-free, 100% lauryl sulfate free, 100% parabens free, 100% grey coverage and 21 other colours: for the modern man; douce hair colours that are semi-transparent and demonstrates the hottest new way to colour hair; and Zero hair colours that are 100% PPD-free.

Due to the high quality of every NATULIQUE organic hair colour, every shade is vibrant and true-to-tone. We create everything from vibrant, lasting red hair colours for fun, fashion tones, almost any hair colour can be created with NATULIQUE organic hair colour!

The Organic Hair Colour Ingredients

Grape seed oil

Wheat protein

Shea tree butter


Sunflower seed extract

Jojoba seed oil

Peach kernel oil

Apricot kernel oil

Lemon peel extract

Grapefruit peel oil

Orange peel

Hair loss can be a traumatic part of cancer diagnosis. Hairweavon Hair Replacement Specialise and support you from diagnosis to finding a suitable wig. They have a large range of human hair wigs & synthetic wigs in stock. They also specialise in wig customisation. As long as your hair and scalp are healthy, and you do a hair colour allergy test for colour, there is no specific length required for using hair colour. However we at NATULIQUE recommend that you allow at least an inch of hair to grow before colouring it, so that you can be sure that the hair is of a good quality. can create a bespoke wig for you, in your own hair colour, texture and style.

As long as your hair and scalp are healthy, and you do a hair colour allergy test for colour, there is no specific length required for using hair colour. However we recommend that you allow at least an inch of hair to grow before colouring it, so that you can be sure that the hair is of a good quality.

Even though the NATULIQUE certified organic colours are made from natural ingredients and are 100% ammonia free, it is still always a good idea to do a patch test to ensure that you are not allergic to hair colour. Doing a patch allergy test is very easy and only takes about 5 minutes. You can then proceed and book your hair colour appointment.

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Seaweed is the new buzzword in the health and wellness industry right now with more skincare products coming to the market every day.

It can be grown all year round in any marine environment, any geographical location, any temperature and depth of water. Seaweeds need no chemicals, fertilisers or pesticides, they require no deforestation or freshwater to grow.

They don’t deplete their own environment of minerals - as over-intensive farming on the soil does Seaweed is rich in antioxidants, amino acids and soothing agents, all of which provide a host of skincare benefits including purifying blocked pores, boosting radiance and protecting from environmental aggressors.

Mark and Kira Walton started out with a Bath house in Strandhill, Co Sligo, offering steamy tubs of sustainably hand- harvested, wild Atlantic Seaweed. They began experimenting with ingredients, hoping to expand Voya into a full-blown, seaweed-infused skincare range.

They believe organic products can now mean “better functionality, better fragrance and better for you and the environment.”

Apart from its ultra-hydrating qualities, seaweed boasts anti-aging and anti-inflammatory benefits. It's also packed with amino acids, vitamins and minerals, and its anti-bacterial properties make it an ideal ingredient for fighting everything from acne to signs of ageing.

Voya's selection of the best seaweed skincare, beachy body boosters and indulgent marine lotions for luminous summer skin all year round.

One of my personal favourite body products is, VOYA's Effervescence Sugar Scrub which exfoliates with sugar particles, whilst simultaneously nourishing the skin with a natural blend of seaweed oils, almond oil and sunflower seed oil. Organic formulation works to transform tired, rough and dull looking skin with a floral fragrant blend of lavender and rosemary to leave the mind serene, balanced and relaxed.   It will leave your limbs brightened and flake-free.

Hyaluronic acid is a molecule found naturally in our own bodies, lubricating our joints, nerves, eyes, skin and hair. As we get older our bodies produce less hyaluronic acid which is one of the reasons our skin starts to wrinkle and sag. Hydra Veil face mask is formulated using the most natural ingredients including natural Hyaluronic Acid. Moisture locking, refreshing and repairing, this treatment will leave your skin feeling hydrated, plumped and nourished. The algae-based formula contains a powerful blend of Phytofuse Renew™ and Sea Buckthorn to restore, while extracts of Jojoba and Squalene hydrate and plump the skin.

To help soothe and reduce redness, eczema or psoriasis, use a seaweed scrub or exfoliator, which are also usually mild enough for sensitive skin types

LUMINOSITY – VOYA's award-winning new enzyme facial exfoliator uses pineapple acids and white willow herb which are natural forms of salicylic acid. This Soil Association certified organic product is very active so it is not unusual to feel warmth and a small bit of erythema/redness while using it. This is completely normal and fantastic for removing dead skin cells and leaving the skin silky soft and perfectly primed prior to using your facial serum and moisturiser.

. Use these all-natural ocean skincare products to keep your skin looking youthful and radiant -- well beyond the beach.

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